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"Providing everyone the opportunity to experience the game of tennis, regardless of physical, financial or geographical barriers."

Chris Davidson Opportunity Park


Chris was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of four. As a young boy, he and his parents, Steve and Jan Davidson, made many trips to the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas for Chris’ treatment. During one of their visits, they discovered a small park near the hospital designed specifically for disabled children. Chris loved the park, and began to look forward to his visits to the hospital because it meant he could play there.

Chris’ parents noticed the lack of wheelchair accessible playgrounds in Midland, and decided to create a park where all children, regardless of their disabilities, could play together. With the support and donations of countless Midlanders, Steve and Jan raised over a half-million dollars to build the park in only three months.

The Chris Davidson Opportunity Park is no ordinary park. The equipment, walkways, and all other park features are completely wheelchair accessible. When the park opened, it was one of only three facilities in the entire country that met this standard, and has since served as a model for wheelchair accessible parks all over the nation.

Now with the wonderful donation of land from Henry Energy LP to Bush Tennis Center, we will be building and establishing the new Opportunity Park to honor Chris Davidson.

The relocation of the park will allow for improvements and updates to be made on the park’s equipment. Sandboxes, slides, monkey bars, and the other elements of the park are outfitted with special ramps, and designed for easy access to those in wheelchairs. All are invited – with or without a disability – to enjoy the equipment and community nature of the Opportunity Park.


In order to reduce any vandalism and crime, the park will also feature a fence around the perimeter, which will be locked during nighttime hours. There will be state-of-the-art security cameras installed for additional safety.

The Chris Davidson Opportunity Park is considered a private park, but is open to all.


For more information on the Chris Davidson Opportunity Park, contact Steve Davidson.

For more information on Bush Tennis Center and the donation of Henry Energy LP, contact Valerie Acosta or call 432.620.8180

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Midland Tennis Center Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, exists to provide everyone the opportunity to experience the game of tennis regardless of physical, financial or geographical barriers.


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Through collaboration with community-based organizations and implementing the programs that will help us achieve our mission, we will make a difference in youth and adults throughout the Permian Basin. Our programs will address obesity, health, wellness and character not only to develop a tennis player but to develop an individual.

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